What Am I Doing Here?

Telling tales is something I’ve always enjoyed doing, and I’ve never let the truth stand in the way of a good one.  But a lot of times the truth is so good, there’s no need to change it.

I spent a lifetime in the building business, and my work often involved travel and countless nights in bars and hotels, which offered the opportunity to meet some fascinating characters… And they all had a story.  I’d promise myself I was going to write it all down when I got home, but I was just too busy in those days… I believe, however, that I’ve remembered the good parts.

I’ve been writing some of it down over the past few years―I have to keep reminding myself to change the names―got to protect the innocent―and more importantly, not give the guilty grounds for a lawsuit.

I have three novels in the editing process now, and a short story collection in the works.  Some of my stories, I’ll post here on my blog.  I’d like you to read them…..I promise you won’t be bored.

Who knows?  Maybe you’ll like what you read here and want to check out the books when they are available…

I appreciate your visiting my site and would enjoy hearing from you. You can send a message on the contact page listed on the bar above, or just send an email to ev@earlvaughn.com

― E.P. Vaughn

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